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Offset printing
Offset printing
Offset Printing - Multi Colour Printing
Heidelberg printing machines are capable of efficiently printing up to 5 colours plus coating and drying in one pass at a speed of up to 15000 sheets per hour.
Offset Printing - Single Colour Printing
Single colour printing machines are dedicated for printing leaflets/inserts for the pharmaceutical companies. Double sheet detectors installed on the machines ensure that blank sheets do not pass through the machines.

Offset printing on packaging material can be the printed communication for brand management and more than words and images. The Heidelberg offset printing machine works on folding cartons and paper labels to give highly competitive packaging printing quality with multiple coatings, embossing and security features to protect the product from piracy. The offset printing solution in combination with inks and coatings on paper or plastic make the packaging even more unique with special effects in a cost effective way. Offset printing from Online Print & Pack, on packaging materials with special applications makes the packaged product most appealing and striking on display shelves. The professionals from Online Print & Pack aim to provide new concepts, ideas and designs through the best of their advanced offset printing skills.