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Materials/Substrates for Folding Carton & Treatment

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS): This is a premium quality board made from virgin fibres. It offers a very good surface for printing and is preferred by manufacturers of cosmetic, healthcare and food products. SBS board is completely recyclable.

Folding Box Board (FBB). FBB is made from virgin material. IT has multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulps. This material has higher stiffness. It is slightly yellow in colour. FBB is used for healthcare and cosmetic products and food and confectionary items.

Grey Back Chipboard: Grey Back board is made from recycled material. The top surface is white whereas the back is grey / white. It is a comparatively cheaper product and is generally used for packing FMCG and other retail products.

White Back Chipboard: White back board is made from recycled material. The top surface is white and is smooth. The back is also white but is slightly rough as compared to the top surface. It is used for packing cosmetic and healthcare products.

Kraft Lined Board: This board has a brown back and a white top surface. It is very stiff and is made from unbleached virgin fibre. The material is entirely recyclable and is used generally in the beverage industry for its multi packs.

Metallised Polyester laminated board (Metpol / Metpet): 15 micron metallised polyester film is laminated generally on FBB or grey back chipboard. The film is generally silver, holographic or coloured. Offset printing is done on this material using UV inks. This type of packaging is used for premium products. Perfumes, cosmetics and liquor bottles are generally packed in boxes printed on metallised polyester board. The polyester film is not recyclable.
Plastic Extrusion Coated Board:
Normal carton board is coated on the back with LDPE, PP or PET. The coating works as a barrier between the product and the board. As the product does not come in contact with the board directly, it helps in preventing seepages. It proves to be a good grease and moisture barrier. It is used for packing frozen foods, desserts and ice creams.

Grease Resistant Coating:
Normal carton board is coated with a grease resistant coating on the back. It provides a good barrier and prevents grease and oil from the product to seep through the carton. It is used for packing food products, fried and oily food products, cakes, cookies etc.
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