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Incense Sticks Box

Retain the Rejuvenating Effect of Your Product with Incense Sticks Box Packaging

Have you manufactured incense sticks with qualities like absorbing fragrances, eco-friendly compositions and long-lastingness? But, have you precisely focused on incense sticks product packaging to retain these qualities? Think again and evaluate if the incense sticks cardboard box you use can present your superior products fairly in the market. Online Print & Pack, with its expertise in incense sticks box designing, is the correct destination to find answers to these questions.

We understand the significance of good quality incense sticks in religious ceremonies, daily worship rituals, mediation and rejuvenation. We also know how customers asses good incense sticks printed packaging boxes before spending money on a particular brand. Our incense sticks packaging boxes therefore boast of fine make, aesthetic looks, superior quality and excellent performance among many advantages that you can gain in the long run.
Incense Sticks Boxes
Incense Sticks Boxes
Available Range of Incense Sticks Printed Boxes
Incense Sticks Product Packaging
Incense Sticks Product Packaging
  • Packaging Styles: Pre-designed incense sticks folding boxes, incense sticks specialty boxes and incense sticks custom boxes.
  • Packaging Structures: Incense sticks cardboard boxes and incense sticks folding cartons in structures like pillow boxes, display boxes and windowed boxes.
  • Packaging Materials: We offer incense sticks boxboard packaging designs manufactured from excellent quality cardboards and paperboards.
  • Packaging Dimensions: Get your products packed in incense sticks paperboard cartons of different sizes, shapes and capacities.
  • Packaging Finishes: Varnishing, embossing and laminating are among the popular styles of our incense sticks folding cardboard boxes.
  • Printing Styles: We offer incense sticks printed carton boxes using offset printing, single color printing and multicolor printing.
With us, you can also find unlimited range of incense sticks custom folding boxes and incense sticks custom packing cartons. Bring in your own ideas and get them incorporated into performance oriented and business promoting incense sticks custom made boxes.

Incense Sticks Printed Folding Cartons – Features and Advantages
  • Attractive and distinguishable incense sticks folding packaging box designs for improving the brand value.
  • Durable finish to prevent damage during transit and to extend shelf life.
  • Special incense sticks paper folding packaging care to ensure restriction of moisture, humidity and air.
  • Use of biodegradable and 100% recyclable raw materials for making disposable incense sticks paperboard folding cartons.
  • Precise meeting up of specific client requirements and complete client satisfaction through incense sticks custom product packaging.
Incense Sticks Specialty Box
Incense Sticks Specialty Box

Incense Sticks Printed Folding Cartons
Incense Sticks Printed Folding Cartons
We take bulk orders and complete them on time. Let us know about your needs for incense sticks packaging printed cartons and we will fulfill them at the right cost. Get a Quote

Standard Folding Cartons Styles used in Incense Sticks Box

Display Box / Display Folding Carton Display Box / Display Folding Carton
Display boxes provide a point of purchase solution for the retailer. A number of units can be packed in the display box...
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Hexagon Boxes / Hexagon Folding Cartons Hexagon Boxes / Hexagon Folding Cartons
Instead of the conventional four panels, such folding cartons have six panels. On account of the unconventional style...
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Reverse Tuck End Folding Cartons Reverse Tuck End Folding Cartons
The flap at the top of the folding carton folds off the front panel and tucks into the rear panel while the flap...
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Sleeves Sleeves Folding Cartons
These are used as a cover on the trays. The sleeves are glued from the side. The product which is packed in the tray...
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Straight Tuck End Folding Cartons Straight Tuck End Folding Cartons
The top and the bottom flaps of the folding cartons fold from the rear panel and tuck into the front panel...
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