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Folding Cartons

The printing and finishing techniques at Online Print & Pack can be used to create an impressive range of visual and haptic effects and highly accomplished designs and print. Using state-of-the-art technology, Online Print & Pack provides packaging solutions to premium brands throughout the world.

Creative professionals at Online Print & Pack can understand the client's packaging requirements well with chipboard boxes through product concept from scratch to turn their dream of product packaging into the reality. Premium printed folding boxes from Online Print & Pack are the innovative solutions of modern packaging needs. The company offer premium folding boxes and quality services at much competitive rates to make a long term business relationship with clients.

Packaging chipboard boxes are used in packing of medicines, shipping containers and consumer products like garments, hosiery, shoes, toothpastes and other commercial products. Superior grade chipboard boxes are water resistant, strong, sturdy and perfect for storage and transportation. Variety of shapes and dimensions of chipboard boxes with high quality printing in colorful ranges from small to large are available at Online Print & Pack to meet the diversified packaging requirements of various industrial clients as per their application and custom requirements. At Online Print & Pack, the quality control team focuses on high industry standards and quality inspection of the products before delivery. Online Print & Pack possesses niche expertise in carving custom chipboard boxes with different configurations that ensures best durability, proven load bearing and excellent quality resistant to all weather conditions.
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