Online Print & Pack

Designing & Pre Press Technology

Online Print & Pack tailors its services according to the specific needs of the market. It offers the complete range of established as well as innovative pre-press, printing and finishing technologies. It combines the latest knowledge and skills with superior competence in handling tight deadlines. Expertise in all technologies and the backup capacities of a vast production network provides its customers with reliable and powerful production tools, tailored to their needs.
Idea Laboratory
Idea Laboratory
Online Print & Pack considers conceptualization to be crucial to the success of its product. Its facilities and infrastructure reflect this concern. A library comprising of the best-known graphic works, internet facilities with access to relevant online databases and its brainstorming room are meant to enable both the dialogue with its clients and the germination of ideas.

Online Print & Pack envisages a conceptualization that is practical, contemporary and attuned to the customers' objectives. Various stakeholders of the packaging value chain, including customers and material suppliers, along with Online's executives are part of the process of generating ideas and are encouraged to take full advantage of an environment conducive to creativity.
Design Studio
Design Studio The translation of ideas and concepts into tangible products takes place in the design studio. In an attempt to produce the very best, the company has ensured that the studio is equipped with Apple and IBM machines and with latest software applications.

Several Design, Illustration and DTP software packages facilitate the creation of visually attractive graphics, capable of communicating the essence of the product. Upon receiving the complete brief, the studio can deliver the first presentation of the concept and design within 48 hours.
Pre-press chambers
Pre-press chambers Pre-press chambers Pre-press chambers

The dustproof pre-press chambers at Online Print & Pack facilitate plate-making, material treatments and colour processing. This is the place where job flow planning and production schedules are also prepared.